Crohn's Disease Treatment

Crohn's Disease Treatment

Crohn's Disease Treatment Center in Mexico

Crohn's disease, which is also referred to as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), has become more prevalent in recent times.
While a lot of people have been treating it with the usual medical methods of treatment like taking medicines or undergoing complicated operations, some people are now discovering an alternative way to treat Chron's Disease through holistic medicine and the natural treatment options offered at Verita Reset in Tijuana, Mexico.
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What is Crohn's Disease?

Inflammation is the most drastic symptom and recurring factor in Crohn’s. The Verita reset program combines over 10 different modalities targeting inflammation and immunomodulation.

Untreated, Crohn’s disease could lead to cancer.


Stem Cells

MSC treatment would control disease activity in Chron’s patients not only through the immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory functions but also through contribution to joint tissue repair, thereby preventing tissue damage, leading to meniscal and cartilage repair. Another reason is by regulating T helper (Th1) cells that cause Crohn's disease as a consequence of defective regulation. The Inflammatory response caused by Th1 cytokines especially interleukin (IL)-12 and TNF-α has been shown to be reduced and modulated by MSC stem cells.

Studies also show that fistula healing can be achieved through stem cell therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) and Ozone

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Ozone blood therapy have become indispensable supportive treatments for many conditions, including the expansion of stem cell treatment activity.

The modern pressurized chambers deliver a ten-fold increase in tissue oxygenation aiding immune function and reduced inflammation.


The term “peptides” refers to a series of amino acids linked, these proteins are the building blocks of a cell.
Lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, act as antioxidants, improve immune and hormone function.

IV’s and Supplements

Contribute to immune health, symptom reduction, and reduce organ stress and oxidative stress. The protocol includes :

Selenium and zinc
Reduces inflammation, modifies gut inflammatory response, and promotes healthy flora through the production of various enzymes.

Alergostop vaccine.

Alergostop is an autologous vaccine that reprograms (immunomodulatory) our immune system to restore the balance and equilibrium of those antibodies that are failing and prepare our body for a better functioning immunological response.

 We researched and evaluated scientific and medical innovations, applying the latest discoveries to not only treating auto-immune diseases but also to improving overall health to improve quality of life and supporting long-term health. So, since 2013, Verita has been empowering patients with innovative scientifically proven protocols that control and treat a range of auto-immune conditions. But we go beyond looking at just your disease. That is where traditional medical care often fails patients with chronic auto-immune disorders.

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As you begin your journey to healing, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your decision to receive treatment away from home.

When you are ready, a patient care coordinator is awaiting your call to go over your treatment options and help you plan a trip to visit Verita Reset in Tijuana, Mexico.

It’s common for many patients to feel anxious or overwhelmed by upcoming travel. There are many preparations required for treatment in Mexico.

If you’re concerned by any travel advisories, we assure you we take the highest measures of care to ensure our patients' and their companions’ safety.

We are an international team of scientists, medical and naturopathic doctors, nurses, therapists, and practitioners determined to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to medicine. The Verita Reset Concept is a way of redefining the healing experience through the integration of traditional European medicine with cutting-edge science. A 360° individualized approach to health. The new medicine is now!

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