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Talk to us about about all the options available.


Treatment Overview – Hasimoto’s Disease

The primary purpose of treatment is immune modulation and reset of autoimmune activity. The supportive modalities used by Verita Reset clear pathways for the powerful stem cell signaling, repair and immunomodulatory activity.

Your 2 week comprehensive program of supportive treatments addresses symptoms, underlying organ damage and systemic detoxification to provide the stem cells a ‘clean’ platform. Stem cells are dynamic for up to three months after administration.

What Is Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck below your Adam’s apple.

The thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of your body’s functions.

Hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto’s can be fatal.

A new approach based on solid science

Stem Cells

MSC stem cell treatment can control disease activity in both these Thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune conditions. Stem cells have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects, and can also help repair thyroid tissue damage and restore normal function. T-regulator cells stimulation plays an important role in altering autoimmune responses.

They can also help rebalance hormone cycles.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) and Ozone

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Ozone blood therapy have become indispensable supportive treatments for many conditions. The modern pressurized chambers deliver a ten-fold increase in tissue oxygenation.


The term “peptides” refers to a series of amino acids linked, these proteins are the building blocks of a cell.
Lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, act as antioxidants, improve immune and hormone function.

Transfer factor

Amino acids that can transfer correctly programmed Leukocytes to immunomodulate malfunctioning immune components.

IV’s and Supplements

Contribute to immune health, symptom reduction and reduce organ stress and oxidative stress. The protocol includes :


Carzilasa is a medicine that helps reactivate intracellular metabolism.
ATP is needed to form enzymes, and parts of cells that are continually renewing. This medicine contributes ATP to organ cells and reactivates their processes and proper functioning, by forcing the activation of the aerobic metabolic pathway (Krebs Cycle).
The final effects are, improving the metabolic processes of cells, improving defenses, better functioning of different organs.

Alergostop vaccine.

Alergostop is an autologous vaccine that reprograms (immunomodulatory) our immune system to restore the balance and equilibrium of those antibodies that are failing and prepare our body for a better functioning immunological response.

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