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Treatment Overview – Lyme Disease

Has conventional medicine failed you? Verita Reset can help you beat your Chronic Lyme Disease.

Verita Reset has developed a successful two-week program of personalized treatments that targets, treats, and controls Chronic Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is difficult to diagnose, often includes, co-infections, mold and other toxin factors, and if left untreated, its impact can be devastating.

Even if caught it in time, you can still develop Chronic Lyme Disease.

What is Chronic Lyme Disease?

Because it begins with flu-like symptoms, most people don’t seek medical help until the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria has spread. And because it is spread by ticks, people still think that they can only get Lyme Disease during a walk in the woods. This is not so. Lyme Disease has struck in all 50 US states and in over 80 countries around the world. Symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease include:

  • Swollen or painful joints
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Muscle twitches
  • Memory loss or cognitive impairment
  • Nerve issues (pains, numbness, tingling)
  • Psychological challenges (depression, mood swings, etc.)
  • Sleep disorders (insomnia, interrupted sleep, etc.)

A new approach based on solid science

As experts in immune system conditions, Verita medical doctors know Chronic Lyme Disease. We go beyond conventional medicine. Forget those failed treatment protocols. Let Verita Reset help you recover your health and get back to living your life without Chronic Lyme Disease holding you back. Our intense two-week programs combine over 15 different treatments, tailored to target how Chronic Lyme Disease, co-infections and toxins are  affecting you specifically. Your personalized protocol can include:

  • An expertly combined range of herbal, medicinal, pharmaceutical and biologic treatments.
  • Stem cell therapy to help regenerate lost cells, neurons, and tissues caused by Chronic Lyme Disease.
  • Hyperbaric therapy to increase bacteria-killing oxygen levels in your blood.
  • Medical detoxification, chelation and ozone therapies
  • Whole body hyperthermia to activate your body’s immune response to reduce symptoms and kill the bacteria causing your condition.
  • Autologous dendritic cell therapy to reset neural pathways disrupting your immune response.

These innovative treatments, along with a range of other breakthrough therapies, including IV drips and ozone therapy, have proven successful. When combined with selected conventional medicines, they boost your body’s ability and capacity to break down the biofilms, eliminate toxins, repair neural damage and overcome Chronic Lyme Disease.

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