Integrative Treatment Options

Our world-renowned Medical Board and scientific experts have studied all available treatments for auto-immune disorders. Unrestricted by conventional healthcare bureaucracies, Verita Reset can apply a more robust treatment protocol for you, personalized to your condition.

After a full consultation, including additional diagnostic testing as needed, our physicians will work with you to select the best course to treat and control your condition. While traditional pharmaceuticals are incorporated, Verita Reset can structure a more complete medical treatment with the following proven therapies.


Verita has extensive experience and knowledge in selecting and sourcing the highest quality stem cells and exosomes for each patient’s condition. Focusing on safety, efficacy, and value, they can help reset the immune system and repair organ function compromised by your auto-immune condition. Stem cell use is fully licensed and regulated in Mexico.

We can treat you with different types of stem cell therapy. There is autologous stem cell therapy, where we safely and painlessly extract a small amount of your bone marrow. We isolate and grow stem cells that we then return by simple IV injection. There is also allogenic therapy using screened donor stem cells, as well as exosomes.

These can harness the therapeutic properties of your body’s intracellular communications to reset your immune system and repair damaged organs.


A modern pressurized chamber delivers a ten-fold increase in tissue oxygenation for many proven beneficial physiological effects including improved immune function, reduced inflammation, and clearing of toxins, as well as anti-bacterial and viral activity.

Once mainly known to treat scuba divers with the bends, or decompression sickness, HBOT is now a widely accepted treatment for a wide range of illnesses.

In our safe, controlled world-class facilities, we have used HBOT to treat chronic Lyme disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and a range of other conditions.


Activate your natural fever response through a highly monitored, gradual, and safe raising of your body temperature and reduce viral and bacterial loads, lessen inflammation, and aid toxin elimination.

A fever is your body kicking its defenses into high gear. High body temperatures have been known to kill or incapacitate bacteria that cause such illnesses as Lyme disease as well as certain cancer cells.

Under our careful monitoring using an innovative feedback system to ensure your safety, we take full advantage of your body’s natural weapon against infection.


Reduce inflammation, stimulate oxygen metabolism and circulation, activate antioxidant systems, and fight infections caused by bacteria, fungi, yeast, viruses, and protozoa with our safe and effective method of introducing ozone into your circulatory system.

Exposing your blood to ozone creates a unique vaccine-like quality that, when injected back into your body, kills pathogens and stimulates white blood cells and other natural defenses. This allows your immune system to fight your illness better, with a greater chance of success.


When combined with stem cells, peptides are proven regenerative properties that can repair organs and tissues. They also have anti-inflammatory effects and can be used to regulate the production of the antibodies affected by your auto-immune disorder.

Your body produces hundreds of peptides that have specific functions, some of which can help increase stem cell efficacy when administered in therapeutic doses.

Verita Reset selects the peptides best suited for your condition and delivers high doses that safely and effectively modulate the immune system or stimulate the desired organ function.


Reset and re-modulate your antigen-presenting cells that moderate your immune response caused by your auto-immune disorder for three months by boosting your immune system with your own dendritic cells.

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2011, Dr. Ralph Steinman pioneered dendritic cell therapy as an effective cancer treatment, and its reach has now expanded to combat diseases such as Lyme, CFS, Crohn’s, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Allergostop reprograms your immune system to restore the balance and equilibrium of those imperfect antibodies that are failing and prepares your body for a better and faster immunological response.

Developed to suppress allergies by controlling the body’s antigen-antibody response to allergens, Verita applies this personalized antigen-antibody response control to many other auto-immune conditions such as Lupus and Crohn’s.


Verita’s proprietary orthocellular immunotherapy helps restore signaling between your nervous system and the rest of your body through neurotransmitters (specific proteins) that modulate and promote correct immune system function and responses.


Remove the heavy metals causing the free radical damage contributing to your auto-immune symptoms and other health issues with EDTA amino acids that bind to and removes these toxins.

Lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, uranium – these are just a few of the heavy metals that accumulate in your body, doing more harm than good. Chelation therapy helps remove them, so they don’t overload your compromised immune system.


Promote lymphatic system flow to detoxify and release blockages with a therapeutic massage that helps excess fluid drainage, filtering out toxins, tissue regeneration, and fighting infections.

Your lymphatic system is how infection-fighting white blood cells get to where they need to be and how toxins, pathogens, and dead cells are flushed out, so it is vital to ensuring your immune system is functioning at its peak.


An expertly combined range of powerful herbal, medicinal, pharmaceutical, and biologic treatments. IV drips are extremely effective in introducing and promoting 100% bioavailability and absorption as quickly as possible. This augments a formula’s efficacy, directing it straight to the system in need, accelerating healing and corrective outcomes.

Treat symptoms, fight infections, improve immune defenses, or activate systems with a wide range of intravenous treatments including high doses of natural derivatives such as Resveratrol, Curcumin, and Quercetin, off-label oral drugs such as Rapamycin and Liquid Transfer Factor, and proprietary herbal supplement combinations developed over 30 years of integrative medicine research.

 We researched and evaluated scientific and medical innovations, applying the latest discoveries to not only treating auto-immune diseases but also to improving overall health to improve quality of life and supporting long-term health. So, since 2013, Verita has been empowering patients with innovative scientifically proven protocols that control and treat a range of auto-immune conditions. But we go beyond looking at just your disease. That is where traditional medical care often fails patients with chronic auto-immune disorders.

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Lyme disease doctor in tijuana, mexico

Type 1 Diabetes

As you begin your journey to healing, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your decision to receive treatment away from home.

When you are ready, a patient care coordinator is awaiting your call to go over your treatment options and help you plan a trip to visit Verita Reset in Tijuana, Mexico.

It’s common for many patients to feel anxious or overwhelmed by upcoming travel. There are many preparations required for treatment in Mexico.

If you’re concerned by any travel advisories, we assure you we take the highest measures of care to ensure our patients' and their companions’ safety.

We are an international team of scientists, medical and naturopathic doctors, nurses, therapists, and practitioners determined to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to medicine. The Verita Reset Concept is a way of redefining the healing experience through the integration of traditional European medicine with cutting-edge science. A 360° individualized approach to health. The new medicine is now!

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