Autoimmune IV Drips

IV Therapy Drips for Autoimmune Disease

Has conventional medicine failed you? Verita Reset can help you beat your Chronic Lyme Disease. Verita Reset has developed a successful two-week program of personalized treatments that targets, treats, and controls Chronic Lyme Disease.

Myers Cocktail

Myers Cocktail Ingredients: Vit C, B-12, B-Complex, B-6, Magnesium, Calcium

The Myers Cocktail is great for maintaining the body’s natural balance. Reduces fatigue including chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. Aids in eliminating upper respiratory infections and chronic sinusitis. Reduces chronic and acute pain including fibromyalgia, migraines, and tension headaches.


Glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides, is also an amino acid found in high levels throughout the body (primarily in skeletal muscle). L-glutamine has many functions in the body, including protein synthesis, essential to the proper function of the immune system. In addition, L-glutamine appears to play a role in brain function and digestion.


Detox, Antioxidant, antiviral, after stroke, before radiation, chelates some heavy metals, Cancer, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Enhance exercise performance, as well as help with anxiety, Crohn’s disease, depression, insomnia, ulcerative colitis, and Autoimmune Disorders.

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in mexico
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The term “peptides” refers to a series of amino acids linked together. Amino acids are the basic unit that makes proteins, and a short series of those–a short chain of amino acids–is called a peptide. Peptides are then organized into more complex structures, which are called proteins. And proteins are the building blocks of a cell.


Lower high blood pressure, kill microbes, reduce inflammation, prevent the formation of blood clots, act as antioxidants, improve immune function.


DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfide): It binds with water and changes the structure of the water within the cell, which results in the healing of cell damage. This also increases the permeability of the cell membrane, causing the flushing of toxins from inside of the cell. It also crosses the blood-brain barrier and is an excellent agent to help transport other substances throughout the body.

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2: Essentially it is a molecule of water with an extra atom of oxygen attached. It releases pure oxygen in the body, saturating the cells and tissues with oxygen, promoting healthy, oxygen-based metabolism.


Improves immune function, decreases allergic reactions, increases immunity to infections, prohibits cancer growth, reduces inflammation, and decreases potency, and clears toxins out by stimulating oxidative enzymes.

 We researched and evaluated scientific and medical innovations, applying the latest discoveries to not only treating auto-immune diseases but also to improving overall health to improve quality of life and supporting long-term health. So, since 2013, Verita has been empowering patients with innovative scientifically proven protocols that control and treat a range of auto-immune conditions. But we go beyond looking at just your disease. That is where traditional medical care often fails patients with chronic auto-immune disorders.

Lyme disease clinic in mexico

Lyme Disease

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in mexico

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Natural treatment for crohn's disease in mexico

Crohn's Disease

Graves disease treatment center in mexico

Graves Disease

Lyme disease doctor in tijuana, mexico

Hashimoto's Disease

Lyme disease doctor in tijuana, mexico

Mold Toxicity

Lupus treatment in mexico


Lyme disease doctor in tijuana, mexico

Multiple Sclerosis

Lyme disease doctor in tijuana, mexico

Type 1 Diabetes

As you begin your journey to healing, it is natural to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your decision to receive treatment away from home.

When you are ready, a patient care coordinator is awaiting your call to go over your treatment options and help you plan a trip to visit Verita Reset in Tijuana, Mexico.

It’s common for many patients to feel anxious or overwhelmed by upcoming travel. There are many preparations required for treatment in Mexico.

If you’re concerned by any travel advisories, we assure you we take the highest measures of care to ensure our patients' and their companions’ safety.

We are an international team of scientists, medical and naturopathic doctors, nurses, therapists, and practitioners determined to offer a refreshing, innovative approach to medicine. The Verita Reset Concept is a way of redefining the healing experience through the integration of traditional European medicine with cutting-edge science. A 360° individualized approach to health. The new medicine is now!

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